4 Golden Rules for Breast Cancer Awareness

Written by Samantha Skinner 

Breast cancer is a scary thing and if you are wondering if you are at risk or not, or if you are showing symptoms but are unsure of what to do next, then it might be a good time to speak with someone.

Regardless, having any information about breast cancer, symptoms and when to get checked can put every woman’s mind at ease.

Know Your Risk Factors

It is important to know the risk factors that might be against you. Does it run in your family? Do you do anything that might make the risk higher? Knowing whether or not you are higher risk than others is always ideal.

Know Your Own Breasts

Every woman should know her own breasts. Not only will you detect if something is off right away, but you will have a better chance at detecting something earlier on. Sometimes, even partners find issues before the woman does.

Breast Cancer isn’t Always a Lump

Know that breast cancer can show up in a number of ways. It can be a lump, it can be a change in skin texture or color. There are many ways that breast cancer can sneak up on women but know that a lump is not always the sure-fire sign to having breast cancer.

Know When to Get Screened

It is important that women over the age of 45 get screened regularly for breast cancer, though women can go earlier than that if they wish. Skipping these scans is never a good thing. Going once a year is enough to detect something amiss before it goes too far.

Remember, just because you don’t have a history of breast cancer in your family doesn’t mean that you cannot develop it. It is everywhere and it effects everyone, even men. This is why it is a good thing to keep up on those exams and watch for something that might be different.

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