Study Shows Moderate Alcohol Consumption Leads To Healthier Heart

Written by Aysha Chaudhry 

A new study in the International Journal of Cardiology finds that people who consumed alcohol 3-5 times a week had a healthier heart than those who didn’t drink alcohol at all.

According to the study, alcohol has a direct effect on “good” cholesterol, and it doesn’t matter what type. Wine, beer, and liquor all had the same positive effect. A few drinks every week, spaced out in consumption, will helps ward off heart attacks. This is because wine, beer, and liquor, in their pure forms and when not mixed with sugary substances or mixers, contain extremely low levels of “bad” cholesterol, and can increase levels of “good” cholesterol.

Of course, everything should be taken in moderation. There are many downsides to heavy alcohol consumption, and those downsides can outweigh the positive cholesterol benefits. However, fully abstaining from alcohol may not give you the heart-healthy benefits a couple drinks a week can provide.

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