Kelly Rowland Partners Up With T.J. Maxx to Deliver This Message to Aspiring Women

Written By Salina Jivani

When you think of T.J. Maxx, you imagine everything from home goods to stylish clothes— and then some. So does Kelly Rowland, singer, author and TV personality famously known for her work with the 90s group Destiny’s Child.

“I remember so many personal style moments that T.J. Maxx was a part of,” she reminisces.

But today, the star is building a completely new relationship on uncharted territory with the retail store—that of a mentor for the store’s Maxx You Project.

Now in its second year, the project is all about helping empower women to become emboldened individuals who embrace their individuality instead of filtering their true selves to feel accepted by society.

Offering special seminars, workshops and online classes, the program encourages women to share their ideas, engage in important discussions and connect with mentors and professionals in various fields across the country. Most of all, it enables them to build each other up and derive strength from one another.

Rowlands involvement in the program as a mentor comes in wake of several other stars and celebrities who’ve participated before her, such as Debra Messing and Whitney Miller.

Beyond thrilled to be a part of such a project, Rowland speaks enthusiastically of her sentiments when she was first asked to join in the initiative. ““I was like—YES, we’re doing this… and of course with Destiny’s Child being pro-women and proud feminists; this was definitely going to happen.”

As an inspiring woman with many accomplishments under her belt, Rowland is excited to help spark motivation and excellence within other women through the nation. And for those who admire her and strive to follow in her footsteps, she offers sound advice: “Choose something you’re passionate about,” she says. “Don’t do it for fame or followers, or the hopes of somebody that you like or think is cute. Do it for you and be drenched in it. Make sure there’s only one you.”

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