Why Aren’t My Friends Supporting Me?

Written by Dominique Bancey- Dominique Bancey is the writer of our new column The Thought Banc, where she writes on all things mental health, black culture and more 

Lately while being on Twitter, I’ve noticed a common theme among ‘black twitter’. Many black individuals are tweeting, retweeting, and liking tweets that refer to having a lack of friends who are supportive. I’m not saying this is only an issue in the black community, but it’s an observation that makes me wonder, where are the supportive black friends when you need them most?

Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of truth to these tweets though, they aren’t simply being made just for clout.

How are you going to want emotional support from your friends, but you can’t give them support for their business?

Too often I see this happening. Especially with friends who are photographers and graphic designers. Many people believe that just because they’re your friend they should automatically get a discount or not have to pay anything at all. This, is extremely unfair. If this is your friend’s only source of income and they haven’t had many clients, why would you be so unfair to want to give them less than they deserve?

Many individuals are willing to make purchases elsewhere when their friends are selling the exact same product, why is that? This happens in many racial communities, not just blacks, but it is very prominent in the black community and I fail to understand why. If you’re a true friend, why wouldn’t you want to see your friend succeeding, especially knowing that you could be the reason why they succeed. A true friend will be there and will assist in any way possible. And the person should be able to do that for you too.

Friends aren’t just there for emotional support, sometimes they need financial support as well, and if you can actually afford to help them out, why wouldn’t you?

Unless you aren’t a true friend.

Until next time.

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