Relationships Don’t Take Depression/Anxiety Away – Part 2

Written by Dominique Bancey

Of course I had to live up to what I said I would do so part 2 is here. In this article, however, I will be switching the perspective. Now I want to discuss the individuals who are suffering with depression/anxiety, and actually believe that a partner or friend can actually save them. 

I’ve seen this way too many times and honestly, I used to be one of those ignorant persons as well. Up until not so recently when I realized that I can’t expect someone else to save me when they don’t even know what exactly I’m going through. It reminds me of a line from a poem I wrote that said, “How can I expect someone who doesn’t even know how to swim, to save me from drowning?”

When someone enters your life, they don’t do so to save you, they do so to offer companionship, among many other things that aren’t necessary to be brought up at this current moment. Having that expectation for them to save you is extremely unfair to that individual. That puts a strain on them and gives them additional stress that they never had to worry about before. 

Why do that to someone you love and care about?

The most they can do, is listen and understand and be there for you as much as you allow them to, but they will NEVER be able to save you, that’s impossible. They may be able to help you to save yourself, but for them to be the one saving you? NOPE. 

This is a common reason as to why some relationships end.There is that expectation that they should be able to save you from this depression or ‘fix’ you so when that doesn’t happen, they feel like they’ve failed, you (without even realizing it) begin to blame them, even though none of it is their fault. 

You have to realize that they stick around because they love you, not because they want to save you.

Until next time.

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