A Close Encounter with Death- How I Helped My Friend Through Her Mental Illness

Written by Dominique Bancey

This story is not entirely mine, it belongs to an extremely close friend of mine (a best friend almost). She doesn’t even know I’m writing about it, but I’ve decided to share it so many of you can be aware of what I meant when I said that even if you don’t suffer from a mental illness, having someone around you who does, can make you feel like you do too. Now, even though I do suffer from them, if she was having bad times during my good times,  then it would be like I was having them too. 

Let me explain…

There are multiples occasions I could tell you about, but I’ll stick with the most recent one. Our friendship isn’t the type where we need to talk to each other all day every single day. We would check in on each other every now and then and then there would be moments where we spoke nonstop. This particular time, she let it be clear to me that she wasn’t okay and she didn’t want to talk to anyone. Even though I love and care about her, I knew I had to respect her wishes.

So what did I do?

I replied to her message and said, “Sigh, okay love. If your mind changes and you need someone, I’ll be here. I may message you every now and then, I don’t expect a response though.”

One of the most important things you have to do, is respect someone and their wishes. 

I kept my promise. I messaged her after that, letting her know that I miss her and I love her and I hope she’s doing okay. At this point, my heart couldn’t stop racing and I couldn’t stop worrying, but it would make no sense for me to try to call her or blow up her phone too much because at the end of the day, she had a wish, and I had to respect it. 

Eventually a few days later, she messaged me back and she let me know just how much she appreciated my messages. Something that may seem so small, is such a huge thing to someone in need. 

Until next time. 

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