Marriage Tips with Dave & Kimmie Topic: Sacrifices

There are times that we get feedback from unmarried individuals who have a desire to be in a marriage. Often, the questions or views that we hear from singles cause us to be brutally honest about the types of expectations that they are setting. There are times that standards being set are rather high, and then there are times that they are rather low. No one wants to envision his or her ideal mate as a loser, a square, broke, careless, lazy, or an unhappy person. On the other end, if your standard is tall, dark, handsome, rich, caring, outgoing, well spoken, educated, does yard work, loves to travel, and make up the bed, you might just be expecting a robot with artificial intelligence. LOL!!

The point of it all is that in marriage there must be a give and take. There has to be an allowance for grace to take its place. There are still many jobs that provide its employees with a grace period before the workers have to clock in. These companies sacrifice company time in order for its workers to be in position to perform their duties well. This is also a practice that can really help a marriage or those looking to choose a mate. While it is important to set standards, it is equally important to set them in a realistic place whereas you are willing to sacrifice yourself, to be their ideal mate also. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to desire a beach body babe, who loves to workout, eat healthy, and stay fit if you have a beer gut and donut diet!

The sacrifices that we are willing to make are the very sacrifices that will reward us in our marriages. Even after being married for almost 15 years, we still learn new ways to sacrifice for each other. Whether it is our work schedules, valuable time with our children, or just times when we step away and refresh ourselves in different environments, it is a very much-needed practice to give devoted time back into making a better marriage. Sometimes the smallest thing can go the longest way. It could be a $50 flower delivery that you order your wife that totally changes the rest of her week. Or it could be the dinner that you cook for a change, that sends your husband into a blissful existence at home.

Whatever it takes, make a sacrifice and Fight to Make it Work!

“You Create the Marriage of Your Dreams”

Dave & Kimmie

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