Choosing a Spring Dress That is Perfect For You!

Written by Samantha Skinner

Shopping for a spring dress might seem simple. You know what you like and what you don’t, but what if you could find something that completely made you stand out? What if you could find something that fit you in all the right places and also made you feel confident to wear it, as well?

We have so many tips and tricks when it comes to fashion so when you go to choose something from the shelves, consider these tips and also consider what it is that you like. Even though those runways are blazing with hot new fashions, always make sure to choose something you are comfortable wearing!

The Skinny on Stripes

If you feel that you have a little more to love, then stripes are going to be your best friend. Not only are you going to be able to feel good in what you’re wearing, but you’re able to know you have what it takes to rock that look, as well. This is something that not everyone is able to do. However, throw it on, see if it is for you and rock it!

The Neckline Matters

If you are a bit on the busty side, then you want to stay away from extremely plunging necklines. You might lose…yourself in them. You want to wear something that is flattering so go with a neckline that is higher up, but also curve skimming and not clingy in that area. This will help not only make your bust seem more proportioned, but it shapes the body better.

For Those Curvy Mama’s Out There!

If you’re curvy then you want to wear something that is going to really make your waist stand out. Choosing a comfortable spandex-made dress that has a belt around the waist or another type of tie can really help out those curves and get you the looks that you want and need. Unlike some of the other options out there, being curvy is not something you have to hide with a bag – wear a belt and make it look classy!

Small Bust – No Problem

When you have a smaller bust, you don’t have to worry about a higher neckline as much. You can easily go with something that plunges and gives the illusion of a bit more. You want something that cinches cutely at the waist, but also flows freely towards the bottom. This is going to give the illusion of having more curves.

If you want a cute spring dress, then try on something that is ideal for your body type. You don’t have to worry about not being able to wear something worth wearing, and that looks cute! The choice of dress you go with is going to look good since you picked it out!


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