Finding The Best Makeup Brushes For Your Look

Written by Lauren Thomas

For beauty mavens (and anyone who wears makeup on a regular basis), it’s a fact that a great makeup brush can be the difference between smooth sailing and a total disaster during your morning routine. The best brushes offer a comfortable grip, smooth bristles, and full coverage when used in combination with powder or liquid makeup. But with all the options out there, it can be hard to settle on a great set of brushes to make your mornings easy. That’s why the team at researched and tested leading brushes to create a buyer’s guide to help readers find the best matches for them. They recommend looking at a few key factors the next time you’re in the market:

Softness is an obvious first choice. Nobody wants a scratchy brush poking you in the face as you try to apply blush, right? Test out the feel of the brush lightly against the back of your hand to ensure it’s comfortable.

Fallout is an important indicator of performance. You want a dense brush that sheds bristles as little as possible. Tug lightly at the end of the brush to see how much fallout there is. You might be surprised, as higher prices don’t necessarily indicate higher quality in this respect. High-end brushes may shed just as much as cheaper options, so beware!

Check out the comfort of the grip. Many brush manufacturers are getting fancy with the color and shape of the handle of their brushes, but don’t let pretty designs fool you. Keep in mind that double-ended brushes might seem helpful, but can actually end up smudging your makeup as you go. And rubberized “gummy” handles may pick up lint and hair (not to mention tons of makeup) wherever you keep them.

Application quality, of course, is key. A makeup brush should facilitate a smooth, streak-free layer of product, regardless of whether its gel, powder or liquid. And while most consumers can’t go out and test all of their makeup brush options, buyer guides like this one from can help inform your decision.

Ultimately, the price and brand name of a brush doesn’t necessarily determine how well it will perform. After comparing 70 different brushes and hand-testing the leading options, they found that their finalists spanned a variety of price points from e.l.f’s $1 – $12 offerings to Tom Ford’s $47-$115 line. There are great options out there for every budget and every type of beauty enthusiast. For more information you can check out the full guide here:

Still not sure about investing in a great set? Cosmopolitan has a great intro to the 12 essential makeup brushes to have and their functions.

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