3 Small Things to Practice Mindfulness During a Busy Day

Written by Aysha Chaudhry

We live in a world of constant motion; there are rarely any breaks throughout our day as we hop from one task to another. We can burn ourselves out because we feel like we have to be working towards something at all times, whether it be work or social related.

It’s easy to forget that taking a moment to relax can increase our productivity, as it can bring us peace and restoration. Here are 3 small ways to incorporate mindful meditation into your hectic day.

1. Get up and take a walk, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Being outside and in the sunlight can relieve stress and increase endorphins in the body.

2. Close your eyes and just focus on your breathing. By being aware of your breath, you can help calm your mind.

3. Get rid of distractions. When you are taking a moment to relax, turn off your phone and try to remove anything that will divert your attention

By practicing these things consistently, you will be on the way to a more mindful and healthy life.

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