This New Serena Williams Ad Featuring Her Daughter Will Give You All the Feels

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

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Serena Williams and Gatorade teamed up to create a tear-jerking commercial urging Serena’s newborn daughter (and girls around the world) to “Keep Playing.”

While Serena’s daughter doesn’t star in the commercial directly, the message is to inspire Alexis Ohanian Jr. and today’s children to keep playing sports even if they don’t end up playing professionally. Beyond the obvious health benefits, kids can gain a number of life skills from sports including teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.

This message is incredibly important for young girls, as they are six times more likely to stop playing sports in middle school and high school, compared to boys. This is a huge issue since the vast majority of women in the workplace say that past or current sports participation improved them in some way. The end of the video gives life to this statistic by sharing images of powerful women in the spotlight of when they were younger and actively involved in sports.

Thank you to Serena and Gatorade for executing this message in a personal, emotional and memorable way for women in the workplace now and for the next generation.

Click Here to Watch The Full Commercial

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