Marriage Tips with Dave & Kimmie: Couples Therapy – Connecting with other Couples

All of us in marriage have high and low points. But one thing about those moments is that the low moments can be recurring if we don’t learn from the experience. After 14 years of marriage, it has become evidently clear that you can’t go through rough moments alone. There is a true need for any marriage that desires to have an awesome marriage, to have real relationships in place that we can confide in. Whether you count on parents, close friends, or family members, the camaraderie of fellow married couples is very important as a support system.

In some cases, you have to guard against whom you reveal your challenges to. For instance, if you share telling and personal information about your marital affairs to someone who isn’t trustworthy, you may run into a barrier that backfires. And when attempting to reintroduce your spouse in a formative way they may get rejected. It is a major key, to confide in other married couples that know your battles and are on your side fighting with you and not against you or your spouse. In certain instances, it is paramount that you share certain battles with couples that have actually overcome similar battles. This is a sure way to ensure that you get sober advice, real support, and an absence of judgment.

Couples therapy for us, is when couples not only enjoy fun times or vacations, it is also when couples can give a check up on each other to see how we’re doing. It’s at those times, that ones level of maturity will surface. Some couples are more private than others and require more time to open up about topics pertaining to marriage. The reality is that everyone isn’t going to be willing to discuss his or her challenges. However, when you find couples who can help provide guidance for your journey, they are worth holding onto and cherishing.

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