Marriage Tips With Dave and Kimmie : Spending Quality Time

Sometimes marriage can feel like an amusement park. There are lots of attractions, sweet treats, and plenty of people looking to enjoy a great “ride” with you. The roller coasters have a way of keeping you at the edge of your seat and gasping for air. And when the big drop comes, it may cause you to shout with excitement because of the adrenaline and g-forces that you feel down in your belly. Just make sure you didn’t have a meal before the ride, unless you want everyone else to know exactly what it was (lol). But doesn’t everybody love theme parks (smirk) or nah? One things for sure, being married for 14+ years has taught us that sometimes you have to pull away from the thrill and spend direct, consensual, intentional time with your mate.

The truth is that we all love the thrill, but not all of us love the “real.” Dealing with the real is when we accept each other with our strengths and flaws and still choose to love. Yes, the real you without the dressings, the custom outfits, or high heels. And believe us, this is something that takes a great amount of sacrifice, intentionality, maturity, & patience to filter out the many distractions that keep us from putting our mate first. Don’t believe us? Try having a conversation with your spouse and not looking down at your phone when that text, or that email notification goes off. Or try leaving the phone in the bedroom when you get to the dinner table. It’s not that easy is it? Oh, did we say dinner table? Do people even use those anymore?

The reality is that our world has changed and sometimes the only way that we can foster a traditional marriage relationship that strives to survive in a self-driven, narcissistic culture is to adopt some good old-fashioned people skills.

The bottom line is this. Your spouse is your “Lifelong Case Study.” If you haven’t taken on the initiative to have the marriage of your dreams, the time is now. Invest in some “His & Her-ology” because the more you learn about your mate, the more it will reward you in the long run. After all, who else did you join hands in marriage to please for a lifetime? Fight to Make it Work!

“You Create the Marriage of Your Dreams”

Dave & Kimmie

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