Are We Just Recycling Old Trends and Making Them New Again?

Written by Samantha Skinner

When it comes to the trends we all know and love, many people do not think about where they came from. Sure, someone improved upon them for the times but were they once something that was in fashion and then went out of fashion, only to come back again?

With so many fashions being recycled, it is not tough to think about how they might have gone had they never been reused in the world today. They might have been forgotten. Also, who is to say that some of the previous fashions that we have not reused will not come back in the future?

Here is a glimpse inside some of the looks that have been redone throughout the years…

Bell Bottoms
Though we call them flares, they have made a comeback to the fashion world. They have graced many different runways and are currently something that you do not see all too often, as they have already ran their course through the past years.

Straight, Tight Pants
Mostly known now as skinny jeans, they’re a look at has made a comeback to the world today. For those in the 80’s, you know how difficult it was to get into the pants you wanted to wear and then zip them up, guys and girls alike, well these are now back in action and I am sure many people are jumping off of their home’s roofs to fit inside the jeans.

Natural Curls
Once we thought that the smooth, sleek look of hair was it for the decade, we were wrong. Natural, full bodied curls are now something to be proud of. Blow them out and wear them proud, the frizzier, the better according to the fashion industry. If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.

Top Knots
Once a big part of the 60’s the top knot was something that many women did. Now, it is a part of everyday life. When a girl wants to have that sleek, put together look but doesn’t have time to actually do her hair, throwing it up in a cute top knot works just the same, no matter what hair type you have.

The Cat Eye
Eyeliner that makes the eyes look more pointy at the ends of them are currently a big hit throughout the fashion scene. However, this came about mostly in the 50’s and was worn by many women during the time period. However, we can also thank the Egyptians for introducing us to it, as well since all of the pictures depict royalty having this look.

When it comes to recycled fashion in the world today, it is just what happens. Something goes out of style but down the road, years or even decades later, it will come back up again. What do you like to wear that comes from a different time period that is now a fashion hit in the world today? Of course, stay to your original style and you’ll be just fine!

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