Women Who Dominate- This Woman Opened Her Salon for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Crown Salon in Houston, Texas along with Mielle Organics, treated several teachers, and victims of Hurricane Harvey to a day of beauty. Like a lot of people, the majority of the ladies were either rescued by boat or helicopter and had to evacuate their homes quickly due to the water rising. The ladies lost everything and were left with nothing but the shirt on their backs. After providing them all with hotel rooms, Crown Salons wanted to bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives and treated them to a day of beauty, complete with hair styling, eye brow threading, facials, a full face of makeup and gift bags! We spoke with the owner of Crown Salon Kristen Lafell to get more insight into her company and what this meant for her.

How important was it for you all to provide your services to the hurricane victims? The importance of giving back to you

Giving back to me is apart of who I am. Whether it is giving back monetarily, It’s the reason I partially started my own business catering to women.

What was the most rewarding part about giving back to the ladies ?

The fact that the women felt beautiful and full of life after the dark storm was the most rewarding. That we could spark a fire in them for a least the moment.

Lets talk a little bit on entrepreneurship. What inspired you to start your company?

I have always been an advocate for women- women’s rights, women’s points of views, and how they are viewed to society. Crown Salon stands for everything “female”. I wanted to open a salon because I believed it could be a place where women can come and forget about reality and all the stigmas that are said about women,  hair and beauty. At Crown, women can be who they want to be and open up to stylist and other women. It is like a community at Crown for women. We support each other and lift each other while getting a little extra “maintenance”.

What have been some of the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome along your journey ? I don’t really focus too much on the obstacles, but we have had a few hiccups. Like starting any business, you really don’t know what you are getting into until you are in.

What impact would you like for Crown Salon to leave not just in Houston, but across the nation?

I want Crown to become a lifestyle for women. Here every woman is treated as the Queen they are and I want women across the country to know they are Queens and nothing less.

What have you learned through the process of working with the ladies about the importance of being thankful for what you have ? A few years back I had a near death experience and since then I have viewed life one day at a time and valued the invaluable such as family, friends, and life. Working with the ladies has refocused me to value people and life and not material things.

Words of advice/ encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Trust in yourself and be confident in your ideas. Listen to others because whether negative or positive it will drive you in the right direction and push you even harder.

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