If You’re Looking for Cheap Flight Deals, Here Are 2 Things You Need to Do

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

Travel among young adults has been growing in popularity for a number of years now. We all have different motivations for wanting to travel; it feeds our wanderlust, it allows us to see and experience new things, it helps us look cultured on our social media pages, but whatever the reason, travel is becoming more accessible because of a slew of new technologies and apps designed to help you find the best deals. Below are two things you should do if you’re looking for great flight deals.

1. Search for the best days to travel on Kayak.com – The reason I personally prefer Kayak over other airline comparison sites is its ease of use and its cool feature of being able to look at flight deals over a 6-day time period. You can find the cheapest day and time to fly in an easy-to-view grid and then select the airline of your choosing based on price. While they don’t have every airline, they have a majority of the big-name as well as budget airlines.

2. Download the Hopper app and “Watch” a flight – If you have planned your travel well in advance, you may have the opportunity to save even more. Select a flight you want to keep your eye on, and you’ll receive push notifications when it’s the right time to buy, prices are rising, or (my favorite notification) your flight is on sale for an amazing deal.

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