If You Want to Eat Organic On a Budget, Here Are 4 Best Things to Buy

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

By now, we all know eating organic is a big step in improving our health and supporting sustainable farming.

While it is great in theory, the reality is that buying organic products can be pricey and out of our budget. Check out the list below of the foods where buying organic makes the most positive impact on your health.

1. Beef – Animals raised for their meat are usually injected with many different hormones and steroids while they are raised. However, beef may be the scariest one. There is the highest correlation between hormones given to cows and cancer rates in humans, higher than any other livestock. So to be hormone and steroid-free, opt for organic beef.

2. Berries (and other fruits eaten with the skin on) – Just think about it. Produce is constantly sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals while it’s being grown, and we buy them and eat them as is. Yes, a lot of us wash our fruit but is that enough? Consider strawberries, with their ridged skin. It’s difficult to really wash away all those pesticides.

3. Coffee – Fun fact: Coffee is the number one most pesticide-sprayed crop that we consume. And do we really know what happens before they grind up those chemical-ridden coffee beans and sell them to us?

4. Leafy Greens – Large, leafy plants like kale and lettuce are not only hard to wash, but they are another group of produce that we eat as is. There is no protective skin to peel off and throw away, those pesticides are planted right onto these vegetables.

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