3 Items in Your Closet You Should Never Toss

Written by Salina Jivani

Your wardrobe’s overflowing with a tsunami of clothes, scarves, shoes and apparel—in other words, you’re a typical woman. And sure, we all have to clean house when the latest fashion strikes (goodbye bell bottoms), but luckily, there are some constants in life—including in your closet. Here are three things you shouldn’t ever toss from your wardrobe, regardless of the latest trends.


Your comfiest pair of jeans

Denim can be so uncomfortable, until you break into them. And it takes a few months (and many washes) before your jeans feel truly comfortable on you. Luckily, jeans are also something that’ll never become a fad, so keep them clean and safely tucked away in your closet!

That collection of t-shirts

T-shirts are sooo comfy…and while you may have some that are a bit (out)dated, rest assured that there are still plenty of other uses for them, like throwing them on with a pair of jeans when you want to dress down, or wearing them to bed with some comfy boxer briefs. Worst case scenario? Lend them to your friends when they pop in for a sleepover (so just in case they don’t return them, you’re not left missing your favorite PJs!).


Things you want to hand down to your daughter (or anything else that holds sentimental value)

Your wedding gown, that ruby bracelet that’s been handed down for generations from your mom’s side or even that brooch that’s been a family heirloom—it goes without saying that anything you plan on passing on to your future daughter should be stored safely and thoughtfully (and hopefully not in your closet, if it’s a valuable).


Of course every woman’s got her own “forever” list, so if you really love that pair of something or another and just can’t seem to part with it, don’t! Keep it aside and likely, it’ll swing back in the fashion charts sooner or later.

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