What Would VEU Do? – Overcoming Stress

Dear VEU Magazine and Torian

Q: What is the best way to deal with all the stress I encounter at work each day?

A: Trust me, we’ve all been there and this is a major issue. In a survey, American Psychological Association states that more than one-third of employees experience chronic work stress. So of course, I have some tips that you can try, even as soon as today!

1. What’s the big deal? Keep a journal for about 2 weeks while at work. Each time you feel stress; begin writing down what you’re doing at the time. Other things you can journal is how you responded to the stress and your thoughts or feelings. Knowing what causes your stress is the first step in eliminating or managing it.

2. Call a time out! Develop various rules for yourself and adhere to them. For example, as you schedule your day, build in a few 10-minute breaks so you can go for a walk, visit the snack machine, or stand outside and people-watch. Also, another rule you can make is not checking work emails from home. You’ve got to schedule some “you” time.

3. Wanna get away? Similar to the 2nd tip, take some time off. Go visit an exotic tropical island, go to your favorite theme park, visit your bestie in another city or state, or even take a “stay-cation.” As long as you find some time to unplug and recharge.

4. Step into my office! Finally, schedule some a meeting with your boss. Having a simple conversation to inform them that you are stressed or overwhelmed may be the difference. It could be possible that they had no idea that you were even feeling that way. Knowing this, they can reassign some of your workload to someone else. You’ll never know unless you ask!
I wish you much success, positivity, and growth in all your endeavors!

Signed- The Professor of Personal Growth, Torian Salary

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