What Would VEU Do?- I’m Not Happy With My Current Employer

Dear VEU Magazine and Torian,
Q:I’m not happy with my current employer. I have extensive experience and several degrees
however I am having the hardest time finding another job. It seems like I’ve applied for every
opening in Atlanta and surrounding areas? What should I do?
A: We’ve all been there. Job hunting can be a job within itself. It’s unfortunate when you have
several degrees and experience and still can’t find a job. Here are a few things I’d recommend
you try:
Stay Positive- Your perfect dream job will come, in the meantime, don’t lose hope.
Positive things happen to positive people. You’re next! Just keep sending those resumes
and filling out applications. It’s a numbers game.
Network!- I know you have several degrees and experience, but nowadays, it’s about
who you know. Knowing the right people can not only get your foot in the door but land
you that corner office suite overlooking downtown Atlanta. Go to networking events,
games, seminars, and meetings and take many business cards.
Broaden your Search- If you are absolutely unsatisfied with your current employer, look
at some possible contract positions or work-from-home jobs until you land your dream
job. Also, consider relocating to another area where there may be more opportunities.
Some companies will pay for relocation! Lastly, maybe going to work for someone else is
not your thing. Maybe it’s time to start your own company and become your own boss!
I wish you much success, positivity, and growth in all your endeavors!
Signed- The Professor of Personal Growth, Torian Salary

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