3 Ways To Be Taken More Seriously at Work

Written by Salina Jivani

Does it ever feel like your opinions or thoughts aren’t really considered at work? Or do you ever wonder why people take notice of that other colleague of yours who doesn’t know his right shoe from his left? What’s he got that you don’t? The answer’s probably easier than you think. Here are three quick, easy ways you can make yourself stand out—and be taken more seriously right away.

Dress For Success

It’s probably one of the more obvious points, put if you wear wrinkled clothes and look sloppy, well, that’s not a great impression. Be sure your clothes are professional and impeccable—they’ll speak for you before you even get a chance to open your mouth!

Be Engaged

Higher ups always appreciate associates who become synonymous with the company and make the company’s problems their own. Show initiative by offering opinions, suggestions (even a fancy, random PowerPoint presentation) on issues or topics of discussion to prove that you take your company—and your job—seriously.

Speak like a boss

Ever met someone who looked smart, sophisticated, and wise—until they opened their mouth? Don’t be that person. Before you talk, be thoughtful about what you’re going to say, and then use an authoritative, calm tone when you speak. Always make sure you don’t interrupt others and be sure to give them the attention they deserve when they speak—when you offer this simple courtesy, you can often expect to see it returned to you.


These easy steps can give your workplace impression an instant makeover—and get you on the pathway to greater successes ahead!

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