3 Beauty “Myths” That Aren’t Really Myths

Every woman wants to look her best, but with so many tid bits of beauty advice floating about out there, it’s difficult to tell the fibs apart from the facts. Here are three popular sayings that often circulate the crowds as myths–but are as true as day. Let’s set that beauty record straight–once and for all.

Rubbing your eyes causes wrinkles

Kinda, sorta, yes. While itching your eyes or touching that sensitive skin around them won’t immediately cause crows feet to sprout up around your eyes, constant or frequent rubbing can and likely will the skin around that area to weaken and eventually wrinkle.

Waxing keeps you hair-free for longer

True! While shaving just gets rid of the hair at the surface of your skin, waxing actually pulls hair out from its very follicle, meaning from beneath the skin. And it takes longer for a new hair to grow in a follicle, which is what has to happen after you wax, than for it to break back above the surface of skin again, as is the case when you shave.

Certain foods cause acne

Roger that. People react differently to different things—food included. While your BFF may have all the dairy and chocolate in the world and never see the light of a pimple, it’s very likely that you could have just a whiff of a Snickers bar and wake up to a face flooded with acne. We know; life’s just so unfair.

Regardless of all the contradicting advice out there, there are two universally acknowledged tips to keep you looking your beauty best, so if you’re not sure where to start, begin with these: eat well and exercise, exercise, exercise!

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