This 24 Hour Radio Station Caters to Independent Music Artist

Interview by Abner Jackson III

Founder and CEO Robert Greene also known on the radio airwaves as The Greene Machine created the media brand entitled Situations Media Entertainment in 2013, with a goal of bridging the gap between the independent music artist and the signed mainstream artist to help them reach their goals. This brand includes a 24 hour online radio station, a series of planned events, and even a YouTube channel. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA to a family of successful entrepreneurs and radio personalities that he has watched throughout his life in the prime of their respective careers. This translated into a concept for a 24 hour radio station that is getting popular at a fast pace along with a brand that is making headway in ATL’s entertainment industry, even for himself. How is he able to keep up? What inspires him to be a man of many hats?

Tell readers about your Situations radio station and how did the idea come to start it?
102.6 The Situation is a radio station that is all mobile meaning that all of the personalities have the ability to work from home or anywhere with a good Wi-Fi Connection. The goal of our radio station is to give people who are aspiring to do music or become a radio personality the opportunity. There are too many talented people out here who do not get a chance to show their stuff or get their music played because the industry is pushing people that pay them X amount of dollars to play the songs out whether you like it or not. This is their outlet to shine. The idea came about when I  noticed a lot of people were not getting the love that they deserved because they were not signed by a major record label therefore getting pushed to the side by people who are already in the game. So I wanted this 24 hour radio station to be the catalyst for artists and aspiring radio personalities to get the experience that they need and not even need to leave home.

How can readers listen to it and what is it about?
Our radio station is about the community and is online radio for everyone. We can be accessed online via our mobile app which is available on Google Play and The App Store, the Tune In mobile and television apps, as well as other outlets such as XBOX One, Playstation 3 and 4 Consoles, Roku, as well as some car stereos.

What do you feel separates your radio station from others?
The radio station is a much different concept than most traditional mainstream stations in our local areas. Not only are we an international station via the internet, but also we have the ability through modern technology to be able to broadcast a show without the use of expensive studio equipment and sound just as great over the airwaves. At the same token we are independent artist first which means that those artists who put in the blood, sweat and tears to record a song or album just as much as the major artists, we mix them in together to ensure that all artists get the same treatment and airplay.

Tell readers about your Comedy, Curves and Couture event coming up in October and how they can find out more information about it.
Yes. The Comedy, Curves, and Couture event coming up in late October is a show similar to Rip the Runway, but with a comedic flare to the show. It is going to be an amazing event as we have Comedians T Ray Sanders from BET Comicview and Bounce TV’s Off The Chain headlining along with HerShe The Entertainer, Shall-I?, and SillyMee on the ticket with my good friends comedian John Mason and model Jenne’ Matilda hosting this awesome event. We will also have music performances from Tameka Travon and Spoken Word Poet Martin Pounds from Charlotte, NC and Bigg Badd Smalls. For now you can get more information from our Comedy, Curves, and Couture on our Facebook event page with more outlets to come soon.

What is your biggest accomplishment in this field of work?
So far my biggest accomplishment in this field of work and just my brand in general is the fact that I have recently been nominated for the ATL’s Hottest Online Radio Personality, which is one of the most prestigious entertainment awards in the area. This milestone marks the first time that any division of my brand Situations Media Entertainment has been nominated for any award and it was done right here in the ATL. It is an amazing and humbling experience to be placed in that category with the heaviest of hitters in the entertainment industry.

What advice would you give someone trying to start a independent radio show?
The best advice that I have to give to a person who aspires to start their own radio show or even station for that matter is to always be a CEO when it comes to elevating yourself. Being a CEO is not just a Chief Executive Officer, but a person who Chases Every Opportunity to make your show or station better whether that be from networking, promotion, or just enhancing the on-air product. Stay in your own lane and do things your way, but while doing that do not allow for someone to change your goal to benefit them. You are your best advocate.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
Five years from now I see my brand becoming a household name as well as traveling to do events in other cities such as comedy shows, independent artist concerts, etc. To raise awareness of my brand and what it is about. My radio station becomes the new mainstream station and even with a possibility of simulcasting over the air in some markets. I will have made enough to leave my full-time job to run my company the right way in an even better fashion than before. Situations Media Entertainment will be able to host events with a mix of a mainstream artist and a independent artist to help bridge the gap.

Please let everyone know how you can be reached ( twitter, IG, FB, websites, etc)?

Situations Media Entertainment can be found on Facebook and Instagram under situations_host. Our radio station 102.6 The Situation can be found on Facebook and Instagram @1026thesituation. Readers can listen to us on various outlets via the Tune In App on your mobile device or smart TV, Roku, PlayStation 3 and 4, XBOX One, and more. Feel free to follow us as we embark on more history.

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