Why Do We Need to Teach our Kids Piano?

Written by Misha Stefanuk

Probably the first and most beneficial effect of playing piano is the ability to enjoy music we love. Listening to mp3 or watching tv or YouTube is great, but besides singing along or dancing, we are just passive recipients, instead of being an active participant. In many ways, it is similar to watching other people eat some wonderful food, instead of eating it yourself.

There are many things that get affected while you play piano. It is really great training for the entire body motion system, it employs many different interfaces, visual, audio, motor, including the all popular hand to eye coordination.

It also allows the performer to learn about what music is portraying, and how the composer felt about the particular subject. And interpret music in a way that is personal and contemporary.

Our kids do not have that much of spiritual instruction in their lives, often it surprises them that Beethoven had feelings, and it’s nice for them to grow as emotional beings.

Can everyone play piano? Well, maybe not everyone can be a concert pianist, but frankly, we don’t need that many of those. More importantly, most people can play Disney tunes and Christmas songs and easy classics, and many other things their heart desires.

It is very beneficial to give piano a try, give your kid something personal that they can also share with others, and something they will take with them through their lives.


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