4 Life Lessons Women Over 50 Want to Share with You

Ever wish you could tell your younger self something? Or wish you’d done something differently in life? The beauty of life is that while we cannot change the past, we can always learn from people who’ve traversed the territory or phase of life we’re currently struggling through. If you’re a woman, here are life lessons women over 50 want to share with you…and their younger selves.

Don’t be too serious

Ever feel the tension in your shoulders and the anxiety thrumming through you? Yes, life can be stressful, but remember every problem is temporary. Make the most of every moment by remembering to laugh, smile and enjoy the moment. Don’t dwell so much on trivial matters that will be insignificant by tomorrow.

Become a better listener

When you listen—really listen—you learn so much more about the world around you…and the people in it. Practice good listening skills and learn to ask astute questions. Doing so will improve your understanding of people and give you wisdom.

Make yourself #1

We’re daughters one moment, wives the next and soon, moms. In the midst of those responsibilities, it’s easy to shove your needs on the backburner. But remember, to be a strength in other’s lives, you’ve got to commit first to yourself. Focus on your well being and health—both physical and mental. When you’re taken care of, so will be the people you love.

Surround yourself by positivity

Positivity breeds positivity. Keep company with good, positive people in your life and pull that energy into your own life. It won’t be long before you notice that positive things will automatically swing your way.

Remember: It’s never too late to affect a positive change in your life. And it’s better to start late than never.

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