3 Ways Pregnancy Messes You Up

Remember the days you used to sleep in, make #2 without interruption, and actually have time for a (gasp!) manicure?


If those days seem like a distant dream, welcome to motherhood (because those are the key symptoms of a new mommy). Now you’ve got a bundle of joy—who seems anything but joyful—wailing in your arms, and you can’t remember the last time you brushed your hair…or your teeth.


Aside from stretch marks and sleepless nights, here are three other lesser known ways pregnancy might have stolen some of your sanity, not to mention dignity.


Your hair falls out like you’re living in a horror movie

You pull that hair band out of your hair and-eek!—it takes everything in you not to collapse at the sight of all of those precious locks. Unfortunately, severe hair loss post-pregnancy is quite normal. Fortunately, your hormones will return to normal…and so will your hair.


You’re an emotional wreck

Thought the waterworks would disappear once you popped that baby out? Well, aren’t you in for a pleasant surprise? Because your body is still becoming acclimated to the change in hormones post pregnancy, don’t be surprised to see that the water show hasn’t abated yet.


You hear crying all the time…everywhere

Not only do you cry, but you hear crying constantly—everywhere. Even if it’s not your own baby…or even anyone actually crying (like the neighbor’s cat meowing). Are you going insane? Definitely not. It’s just called being a mom and constantly being alert for any signs of distress from your baby.


Yeah motherhood comes with a lot of baggage, but in the end look at the amazing investment you got in return. We promise once the initial post pregnancy period passes, you’ll enjoy many, sweet blissful moments that you’ll one day in the (what may seem like distant) future miss!

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