3 Ways Life is Scientifically Different for Men and Women

Written by Salina Jivani

You say potato, he hears pot-ta-toe. He says cheese, you hear sneeze. Women and men speak different tongues. But it’s no coincidence. In fact, nature proves that these two genders are different in many ways…on purpose. Here are three scientifically proven ways we differ from the opposite gender.

Women see more colors than men

She says mint-colored scarf and you a grab lime-colored one. It happens…quite often. And it’s not because men are dense or careless. It’s simply because women are able to detect more shades than men. Something to do with our hunter-gatherer days and how women were charged with avoid lethal shades of berries and pick out the right ones, keeping everyone safely fed.

Men need less shuteye

If you find your woman reaching for the snooze button while you’re rearing to go a million miles an hour, it’s not because she’s lazy. It’s more because women tend to multitask more, take on more stress and sleep more restlessly than men, meaning their brains need an average of about 20 minutes more to recover from it all.

Women usually feel cold faster than men

Ever find yourself battling your spouse over the thermostat? Temperature is a common gripe among many couples—and with good reason. Science proves that because of the different metabolic rates in men and women, women tend to feel colder than men—at home, work and everywhere in between.

While we may not completely ever understand the opposite sex (or agree with them) isn’t it comforting to know that the forces of nature meant to make us different?

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