3 Food Hacks You Should Steal from Restaurant Workers

Written by Salina Jivani

Ever notice how restaurant food just tastes more delicious? There’s a reason for that, and lucky for us, the professionals have shared some of their most steal-worthy secrets that will leave your meal guests clamoring for the recipes. Try these easy-peasy food hacks and leave your guests amazed by your kitchen prowess.

Get scrumptious stir-fry

Ever wonder why your Chinese fried rice doesn’t quite taste as yum as that hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant up the street? The answer’s in chicken stock. Instead of cooking your rice in water, cook it in chicken stock and hear your taste buds sing!

Make mouthwatering chicken

Ain’t nothin’ like chicken. But what is the secret behind making it irresistible? Simple: season the outside and the inside. And then make sure you don’t overcook the meat. You can check this by making sure the liquid runs clear when you carve off a piece.

Create delicious stock…with scraps

Once you’re through chopping vegetables, don’t throw away the ends or unused parts, like the ends of onions or tops of carrots, etc. Also keep the bones and spare meat from your non-vegetarian dishes. Then simply throw it all—meat and veggies—together into a pot a proportionate amount of water and create your own, fresh homemade stock!

You don’t have to be a pro to benefit from these tips. So breathe easy and let the cooking begin!

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