How to be a Gentleman When Your Woman’s Got the Monthly Blues

Written by Salina Jivani

Call it Aunt Flo or the punctuation at the end of a sentence, a period is a tough time of month…for both a woman and her guy pal. If you’re wondering how you can make it through it on a good note, we’ve got some tips up our wings…err…sleeves. And they come directly from women who know what it’s like to fight that monthly beast.


Be considerate

Understand that her hormones are going crazy…and all she really wants is for you to be sensitive to her aches, pains and emotions. Massage her shoulders, rub her feet, cuddle her. In other words, do whatever she wants. After all, you’re supposed to be there through thick and thin, right? Being there for her through her period is not even the tip of the iceberg, honey!


Don’t run and hide

If high emotions make you jittery, you might be tempted to clam up or stay away. But that’s not going to make her feel any better. She needs you, so hold her and comfort her. And let her know that you’re there.


Pamper her
Women usually crave sweet munchies like chocolate, cookies or a tub of their favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. Why not get on her good side by hitting the store when you know her cycle’s about to start? Not only will it help her feel comforted, but it’ll also get you in her good graces…never a bad thing.

Periods are no fun…and it sucks that they’re not a one-time battle. But remember that all she really needs is you and some extra special loving. Do just that, and you’ll be considered a gentleman—and one she’ll appreciate.

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