This Foundation Has Donated to Over 2,000 People in Haiti

The LaKaySe Haiti Foundation mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in Haiti. The foundation was established immediately after the massive earthquake in January 2010, killing close to 200,000 people. The founder Gynesis Losa Buissereth, who is originally from Haiti, traveled to the country to locate her family and lost a 4-year-old niece to a collapsed house, which also left several injured friends and family. Gynesis and her cousin Rosemie H Phillipe who is the co-founder of the foundation called everyone in the United States to donate and give as much as they can due to the demolished country, it seems as a nightmare to the ladies; bodies everywhere and homes and businesses destroyed. There were big organizations collecting money and donating, but not much has arrived to the country.
 On October 2016, another devastation in Haiti occurred, Hurricane Matthew. LaKaySe Haiti was summoned to meeting basic humanitarian needs.  During the mission visit, Lakayse Haiti donated to 2,000 people that includes, medical, hair and barber services, clothing, food and money with the support of multiple organizations such as Naji Foundation Inc. XXposurhair, Farouke Systems, We Stand Together, Angelic Foundation, Karabela Nation, BBM LLC and Keen Cutz of Atlanta.  The connection has opened several doors to many people watching and seeing where their donation is going.  This has made a huge impact for the foundation and the volunteers.
An important objective for LakaySe Haiti is to help Haiti in their efforts in creating jobs, building homes and medical facilities.  The goal this year is to provide backpacks and school supplies to over 500 school age kids to receive the proper education.
The founders have seen an increase in families needing help and in the stress levels on their faces.
LakayseHaiti wish list includes the following:
• Backpacks for 500 kids (New school term begins September 5)
• Cash Donation (Any Amount)
 As you can imagine these are very stressful days for many in Haiti as most parents are young, orphans, unemployed, and many don’t have a high school diploma.
The foundation is requesting sponsorship that will help assure the success of the mission to uplift, encourage, and improve the conditions in Haiti.
For more information to assist in Lakaysehaiti Mission Relief visit,

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