iPhone’s Rival Vivo Introduce New Fingerprint Sensor Technology

Chinese phone manufacturer  Vivo, introduced its new fingerprint sensor technology which is embedded in a smartphone screen, on Wednesday June 28th, in Shanghai at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The ‘Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution’ is based on Qualcomm technology and was demonstrated running on prototype devices, which are based on the existing Vivo Xplay 6   device.

The under-display fingerprint solution, which doesn’t require a physical button for the sensor, is “the first to be demonstrated by a smartphone manufacturer”, Vivo claimed. The technology will enable the use of an integrated unibody and mechanical waterproofing design, and “true full-screen display”, the company  said .

Vivo stated to Engadget that, while the fingerprint scanning function was limited to a small region on the prototype devices,  the same sensing technology could be applied across the entire screen, but that it would significantly increase production cost.

In a release, the company also stated: “In Vivo’s R&D plan, fingerprint scanning will not be carried out by an independent button or region. It will be realised more subtly under the screen, behind the metal shell, or even in the frame. Based on ultrasonic technology, the fingerprint recognition technology can be further expanded to realize user interaction, such as gesture recognition, security verification and other fields, which will greatly enhance user experience.”

With so many new advancements happening in the technology world, this new fingerprint technology comes as no surprise. How do you think this new technology will affect the way we as humans utilize cellular devices?

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