How to Build the Perfect Wardrobe for Work and Play

Written by Salina Jivani

Looking to have the perfect assortment of clothes for both the office and a day out with friends? You may think that means investing a bunch of money in a bevy of different tops and pants—one set for work and another for play. But you’re be wrong! Invest in a few key pieces of clothing and you’ll be set to sport them both in a business-casual setting at work and a laid-back hang-out scene with your best girl pals.


Printed Pants

Pants with prints are great for a casual day out or a business presentation. Just add a solid blouse for work, or a jazzy top with long necklaces for an evening out. It’s all about the way you wear it!


Loose blouses

Silk or flowy blouses are great and oh so comfortable! Wear them to work under a sophisticated scarf or blazer or remove the extra layers and wear the blouse solo when you’re entertaining friends or just meeting up at a local pub with your BFF.


Knee-length skirts

Skirts are the perfect companion to sexy heels and beautiful blouses alike. Luckily, they’re also perfect for casual and professional settings. Again, here, it’s all about what you wear it with. Add a work-appropriate blouse and modest shoes, and you’re all set to attend that team conference. Throw on some sexy heels and a daring top, and you’re ready to partaay!


Remember, for the right look, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! It’s all about adorning yourself the right way for the right look!

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