Stylist to The Stars Kee Kee Taylor Shares Her Journey to Success

How did you get started  in the Hair care Industry?

As a child I was so tender headed. I was raised by my great grandmother and she was so insensitive to my pain till finally she would wake me up for school and my hair would already be done! It was so good that as I got older everyone would ask me to do theirs too. I really care about every strand of hair. Hair care is essential.

How did you make a name for yourself in such a competitive field ?
To be honest, I just stayed true to myself and did all that I could to master my craft and the opportunities just presented themselves

What are some obstacles you have faced as a female entrepreneur?
The issues I faced are not unique to females these are issues for entrepreneurs. For instance, just learning people, feeling like there’s not enough time in the day and basic trial and error. The hardest is finding a work life balance.

Growing up, was being a celebrity hair stylist something you always envisioned, or did you have other plans?
I’ve always wanted to do hair but the celebrity aspect of it didn’t kick in until I was 17. That’s when I decided to push it to the limit.

What would you say are the main keys to success?

The first would have to be PATIENCE, which is needed to be able to trust the process and keep faith in your journey to success.
Second you have to DO EVERYTHING IN LOVE. When you do things from the heart it’s done well. It will never feel forced and always make you happy.
Last but definitely not least you have to always remain HUMBLE. I came from humble beginnings and no matter how much success you achieve you have to remember you are always one moment away from losing it all.

Competition is something that a lot of business owners like to stay away from. How do you view competition, and deal with it?
I don’t believe that I’m in competition with anyone but myself. I believe that what God has for me is truly for me. I focus my energy on always doing my best work and providing the best experience for my clients. I wish the best for everyone in the industry.

What other future projects are you invested in?
I have an invention that I’m working on that will change the game for hair and continuing to expand the Deeper Than Hair brand.

How are you using you gifts and talents to give back to those around you? 

The Deeper Than Hair Project, is a service project that our stylists gave birth to as a concept to empower women who have experienced a tragedy or life changing event. In 2016, the salon was able to give back to the women in our immediate community. It was through this vision that we have been able to outreach women who are not able to access the services that the salon provides. The Deeper Than Hair project kicked off in Philadelphia. We have improved the lives of numerous women, on that day. We provided makeovers for the women selected. The power and improved self esteem that was created, impacted the Deeper Than Hair stylists in a way that spawned the concept to continue this mission of helping others. Stay tuned as 2017, the project will be going mobile.

How is life in California, are you originally from there?
Although I have visited California often, I’ve only been a resident for 3 months. And I am absolutely loving it. I’m originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What has been one of the most memorable moments in your career so far?
My first year working for Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey popped up on the set! Best day EVER!
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