5 Things We Can Learn from Malena Crawford’s New Book

Malena overcame her struggles and fears through faith, vowing to help heal other women along the way. Her debut novel “A Fistful of Honey is sure to be one of the hottest, unforgettable, inspiring tales of the year.   Iyanla Vanzant called her novel “a healing balm of a book” and a “must read.”

Malena stated “Writing A Fistful of Honey was life changing and life affirming for me. It was adventure that literally had me on the banks of the Oshun River in Ogsobo, Nigeria to the Gullah Sea Islands of South Carolina. It transformed me as a woman and a writer. I offer this work to the reader to receive whatever is there for them to behold.”  Below she gives us the 5 things readers can learn from her book on various topics.


Alena Ford, our protagonist, had to persevere or she stood to lose everything- including her own daughter’s life. She had to find enough love in herself to endure the darkness, the dark forces that plagued her, and keep going. Perseverance doesn’t require that you be strong all of the time. Alena was weak, she lacked faith , and she was a very reluctant hero. Perseverance requires that you keep going, keep fighting even if you are fighting through your own fears- until you get to your destined place! You have to let your vision of that destined place pull you through all of it.
Overcoming Failure

The novel opens with Alena having what some call “a dark night of the soul.” A dark place that exists right before the breakthrough. She’s lost almost everything she held dear, everything that she leaned on to give her life meaning and value- or so she thought. Alena’s failure is like ours, it was Spirit getting her attention, a clarion call moving her to a destiny she could never have imagined. She slowly overcame all of those failures when she started to gain true vision. She found a whole new perspective when she started to meet Mary Magdalene, the Orisha Oshun, and even Jesus. A Fistful of Honey reminds us that failure is an illusion, and in most ways a divine setup for something only God can orchestrate.
Making Sacrifices

There are so many layers of sacrifice in this novel. There are sacrifices that are far too great and cost too much. Alena’s journey in and out of the spirit realms delves into the enormous sacrifices that the black and brown races have made for the good of all humanity. She unknowingly meets ancestors who endured the horrors of slavery, those that took the night so that she could have the day, the “honey”. It is a sacrifice that she (and I) deeply resented but eventually consider the miracle and the honor of it. Now that Alena has the “choice” that her ancestors did not, she must learn to put herself first. Alena had been sacrificing herself all of her life, and her self abuse was not required. Alena was the prize, she was the destination. All that was required was her acceptance and agreement with that truth.

Staying Motivated
The best lesson on motivation I received was in the completion of the novel. My motivation to begin it was to heal myself. My motivation to finish was to share that healing with millions. It kept me up late at night and nudged me awake in the early hours.

The importance of religion in your life

For me, God moving in and through me, and in and through my life trumps religion. Religion is the beautiful package but God is the gift. My relationship with the Divine is what stirs my soul. I want every reader to reflect on the calling and the lessons from the God of their own understanding.

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