5 Mother’s Day Gifts She Secretly Wants

Written by Salina Jivani

If you’re like most people, you shop for gifts all the time thanks to a non-stop stream of invitations to birthday parties, surprise bashes, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, heck, even divorce parties. And while you may or may not be a great gift giver, one present you most definitely should put a whole lot of heart and love into is the gift you give to a mother—whether it’s yours or your child’s—on Mother’s Day.

And while we realize every woman has her own personality stuffed with likes and dislikes, we’re pretty confident the below choices are near fool proof for women of any taste and style.

A custom throw

What woman doesn’t like to curl up on the couch every now and again to a great movie or her favorite TV show? And what better way to stay snug during those times than with a thoughtful, customized throw? Add a memorable family picture or a meaningful message for a super special Mother’s Day keepsake.

Places to try: Things Remembered and Walmart

Face products

Every woman cherishes youthful-looking, healthy skin and appreciates products that can help her preserve it. Which is why you’re playing on level field if you opt to invest in excellent quality skincare gift sets for Mom. But be mindful that some women are sensitive to certain products or notice that particular brands work best with their skin, so if you’re not sure which line of products Mom favors, try taking a peek around her bathroom or vanity and it’s likely you’ll snag yourself a few clues. You can even try a simple, subtle “Your skin’s looking great; what are you using nowadays?” to spark up a conversation about what she wears or maybe what she’s hoping to buy. Be creative and you’ll be able to wheedle it out and then help her put her best face forward.

Suggested brands: Clinique, Este Lauder, La Prarie, Dior.

Hair products

Like great skin, every woman envies fantastic, beautiful locks. Luckily, the hair care industry is filled to the brim with options for people of all ages and hair types. Visit a local salon or a beauty shop and you’ll likely get an expert’s spiel on exactly what would work for Mom’s hair. But remember to grab a gift receipt—just in case.

Suggested lines: Moroccan Oil, Nioxin (for fine or scanty hair), Kendra (for heat protection)

A great bag

Clutches and handbags are a bit tricky because every woman has different taste. But they’re also one of your safer bets since every Mom carries one. Again with this, some quick sleuthing will likely clue you in to which styles, sizes and shades are a safe bet. If you’ve got some cash to splurge and can afford to add a designer tag to the handbag, count yourself in for some extra brownie points. And if selecting the right clutch or handbag feels like too risky an undertaking, try going for a wallet, instead.

Brands to try: Coach, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade

Gift card

If all else fails, you can always count on the magic of gift cards—but make sure you’re not lame about it! Be thoughtful by placing the voucher in a nice card with a thoughtful, handwritten message or tucking it in with a homemade arrangement of her favorite chocolates or fruits.

Places to try: Kroger has a great variety of gift cards to select from

Remember that while gifts are important and welcomed, nothing overpowers the love and thought with which they’re delivered. Make the day special with breakfast in bed, plenty of love and good behavior and your gift will most certainly be the cherry on top of an already fantastic and memorable day.

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