5 Fashion Rules you Should Break This Instant

Written by Salina Jivani

Whoever said “Rules were made to be broken” was surely an icon straight out of the fashion industry. Because while we can’t speak to laws of the land, we can tell you that when it comes to clothes, breaking the rules can be a lot of fun, sending you into a crazy (and wild!) wardrobe adventure. Here are just a few of the old fashion taboos you should totally break this year. So go ahead—channel that inner diva and make your own statement by tossing these rules out the window. You never know; you might just end up making a bold fashion statement.

Don’t wear white after Labor Day

Borrinng! White is perhaps one of the sexiest colors on the planet—and it looks great on nearly everyone. Alluring and fresh, there’s just something about this color of purity that enhances your natural beauty. But remember to keep it appropriate before you starting yanking all the white out of your closet—the winter months are better suited for wool, cashmere, mohair and other warm fabrics. Reserve the linen and thin cottons for balmy, warm temperatures.

Don’t wear mixed prints

At one point, donning a floral print dress with zebra print clutch would have been so faux pas. But no more—we’re in 2017, baby! Mixing and matching prints is perceived as bold and zesty. If breaking the no-mixing-prints rule feels too daring for your comfort, start off easy by adding a leopard-print apparel or accessory to any color or pattern of print you’re sporting. Stripes? Leopard print. Polka dot? Leopard print. Once you have that down pat, it won’t be difficult to venture out into bolder mixing and matching possibilities.

Don’t wear silver and gold together

Scouring your wardrobe for the right color metal can be a drag—especially when you’re not “supposed to” mix and match. Luckily, you can completely scratch through that outdated rule this year. The trick here is to make the mixing appear natural, blended and deliberate, not tacky or haphazard. Try arranging the metals so they shift lightest to darkest or arrange them in a pattern: lighter ones on the outside, darker on the inside, or vice versa. Also consider arranging by widths (thinner on the inside, thicker on the outside or the other way around).

Don’t wear red to a wedding

Not sure why this crazy “rule” stuck around as long as it did, but contrary to thought, wearing red to someone’s wedding shouldn’t make feel like you’re guilty of a felony. Yes, red is sexy, but unless you’re trying to be sexier than the bride (which, let’s be honest, is just plain rude!), red is completely and totally acceptable. Just make sure you’re not flaunting it in the form of a skin-tight dress that appears glued to your every curve or in an outfit that’s sure to steal the limelight from the bride. In short, use some sense and decorum.

Don’t wear denim on denim

Ack. This one might seem like a doozy, but just hear us out before you completely skim past this one. Of course we’re not telling you to pair the exact same shade of denims on the top and bottom (even we have rules we never break!). The secret here is to select different washes of the material. For example, if you’re wearing a dark denim jacket, pair it with light/faded denim shorts. Try it out if you don’t believe us and you might surprise yourself!

And while you’re out there being a contraband and breaking all these age-old rules, make sure you don’t forget to trust your gut and keep it classy. Because while fashion gurus and experts are forever brimming with advice and tips, only you can decide what works for you and what doesn’t. After all, when you walk out that door to stop traffic, you’ll want to make sure you’re nothing short of fleek and street-ready in an ensemble you’re proud to flaunt.

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