5 Ways to Compliment Your Waistline

Image from Polyvore.com

Written by Salina Jivani

Everyone wants a slimmer waist. And while joining the gym and keeping an eye on your calories is a great way to keep yourself in shape, they’re not a practical solution when you’re looking for something to instantaneously help you look your slender best—say when you’re asked out on an impromptu date or have agreed to make a sudden next-day presentation in front of tons of people.

Luckily, there are ways you can immediately make your waist appear slimmer. Just follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to shaving extra inches off your frame with no diet or exercise!

High-waisted clothes

Your waist is the tiniest part of your torso, so opting for clothes that highlight this part of your body give you a more slender appearance. Make sure you place the waistline of your pants, skirts, shorts, etc., above your belly button to maximize on the waist portion of your body.


Loose or baggy clothes can make you look like you have no curves or figure, or that you’re drowning in your own clothing. Add a belt to give definition to your form and highlight your hips or waist. Doing so will instantly give you a slimming effect.

Vertical stripes

Anything that has vertical stripes will automatically make you appear longer and slimmer. So opt for vertical stripes in tops, blouses, and even dresses to give you an extra slender look.

Wrap dress

Unlike most dresses, which either hug your figure or cling to the contours of your body, elaborating every inch of extra flab, wrap dresses are loose, comfortable and form friendly. And because they’re not fitted or clingy, they’re extremely awesome when it comes to successfully helping you bury some of those extra rolls around your hips.

Peplum tops

This goes back to our trick about highlighting your waist as the most slender part of your body. Since peplum tops, by design, automatically close around your waist, they already emphasize its smaller circumference, but then flatter it further by flaring out at the bottom, creating a complementary contrast that makes it appear even smaller.

In addition to these tricks, don’t forget to go black to add that extra barrier of slimness to your frame and hips. Employing these tips will always help you look lean and trim, which will help you feel your best!

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