Top 5 Ways To Get Your Body Summer Ready

Written By Ariel Wallace

Summer time is approaching! No more flat tires, or muffin tops allowed! We all desire that wash board abs firm bottom, or just plain old celebrity phisque. I know a lot of fad diets that will but go out the window by third day. Join the 20 day challenges on social media would be one way, but these five ways are a sure way to get the Best Results.

Waist Training: Waist Training is a quick fix, it helps you shed off inches on your waistline, sure to give you a coca cola shape that eyes can stand to bare. Celebrities like Pre Madonna make a living in perfecting the Women’s body for better looking curves and flatter tummies. You can find these at your local mall or order them online.

Water Intake: Just by drinking two small cups of water before dinner studies show that you may loose up to five pounds alone. Trading in your favorite sugary drinks for this pure nutritionist liquid is sure to keep the extra pounds off. Eight cups of water is good for your body alone. Not only your body, it cleanses and brightens your skin. If intaking water is hard for you try adding fresh fruit to your water to flavor it, or Propel flavored water will work just fine.

Joining A Gym: Find a local gym you can join. Couples workouts are the best. Nothing better than love and motivation at the same time. Doing Cardio 3x a week for 30 minutes a day will give your body toner results, long walks in the park or neighborhood, or excercising with can goods instead of dumbells, start a workout regime. Everyone loves Exercise Guru Sean T, creator of Insanity sure to get your body fit and right.

Balanced Diet: the key to a healthy lifestyle is to eat a balanced diet. Making sure your body is consuming from the basic food groups. Lean proteins, Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole grains. Subtracting carbohydrates and keeping calorie intake under control. Try a homemade smoothie with a blend of vegetables and fruits.

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