5 “da bomb” Lip balms for Chapped Lips

Written by Salina Jivani

Every time I think of the bitter cold, I imagine pasty, flaky skin and dry lips. Maybe because that’s the kind of damage I’m used to witnessing in my mirror during the ruthlessly cold winter months.

Given in Atlanta we’ve been extremely lucky this winter, with temperatures topping the 70s on occasion, but I can’t say my lips have been completely safe from harm.

If your lips are feeling a little rough around the edges and you don’t want to look like you just escaped a Saharan desert, give one of these candidates on our “da bomb lip balm hit list” a try:


Popularly used on infants as a diaper rash deterrent, Aquaphor also has a line lipcare line that’s equally as effective for doing what this brand is best known for: sealing in moisture in areas of your body that are most susceptible to dryness. With a petroleum-like consistency, this formula is pretty thick and heavy duty but extremely effective at leaving your lips moisturized and dryness free!

Badger Balm Organic Cocoa Butter Vanilla Bean

Are you all about organic, nature-friendly products? If so, you’ve met your match in Badger Balm Organic Cocoa Butter Vanilla Bean. This lip balm is both made from natural ingredients plus essential oils that are known for their healing and repairing properties, giving your lips the loving they need sans addictive, harsh ingredients.

Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum butter

One of the most popular brands out there with a varied line of products to boast, Burt’s Bees just had to be on our list. If you’re looking for something to condition your lips but not weigh them down with heavy wax, this one’s for you. Plus benefit from the Kokum butter in this product, popularly known for its ability to heal skin.


If all else fails, pull out the Carmex! An extremely effective lip balm that almost instantly repairs the worst of the worst dryness, you won’t be disappointed. Apply overnight and you’ll awaken to a seemingly brand new pair of puckers. But wait. Are you allergic to menthol or camphor (both ingredients contained in Carmex)? Or not a fan of the cool, tingly feel of menthol on your lips? Read on.


Lightweight and great at repairing any chapped or dry skin (whether on your lips or elsewhere on your body, including, yes, even feet!) Vaseline is dry skin’s best friend. The best part? It’s fairly cheap (commonly found at dollar stores) and can double as an effective makeup remover. Also, it’s petroleum based, so it doesn’t have that tingly sensation common to some other lip balms.

There’s nothing worse than chapped lips to ruin your look. So make sure you find a lip formula that works best for you and gives your lips the tender loving care they deserve!

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