Entrepreneur Spotlight: Beautiful Struggle

image1) How did the Beautiful Struggle movement begin?

Beautiful Struggle came from my own personal Life struggles with insecurities. I wanted to be able to offer Products to help women enhance there beauty and share a movement to stop insecurities!

2) What products and services do you offer you clients ?

Beautiful Struggle Offers Luxury Hair, EyeLash Extensions, Accessories and Custom T-Shirts

3) Tell us about your Women on the Rise Expo

Women on the Rise is a series of Expo’s that will tour the country inspiring and helping men and women achieve greater heights. It’s an event where people can share stories, provide exposure to their growing brands while support one another’s business endeavors. The event will travel to many locations throughout 2016 and 2018 with hopes of creating an annual expo.

4) Who or what inspires you the most to keep the beautiful struggle movement going ?

My Nieces and Nephews Inspire me the Most but My Purpose is to help all young adults with insecurities

5) What methods are you using to effectively market and brand your business.

I Mostly use Social Media because thats the GO TO now a days for people to shop and be apart of anything New.

6) What has been one of your biggest obstacles as an entrepreneur My biggest Obstacle is getting my brand across in a Positive and inspiring way that stands out from MOST!

7) How does someone go about being apart of the beautiful struggle movement ? beautifulstrugglelove.com visit the site. Also Beautiful Struggle offers a Distributor Program where you can be your Own Boss having a Luxury Hair Line. We will also have Distributor seminars on buying whole sale and becoming your own boss.

8) What is the biggest impact that you want your business/ movement to have on it’s followers. I want my followers to GET and BE inspired by knowing their worth with Beauty… I want to help and pull all women and men out of insecurities

9) What can we expect next from the Beautiful Struggle brand

Be expecting Multiple Sales through out the year of 2017! Follow My Social Media for all future Sales, giveaways, videos, and Movements

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