4 Things You Should NEVER Wear to a Holiday Party

Written by Salina Jivani

Now that Christmas is over, there is still one more thing to celebrate this holiday season, bringing in the NEW YEARS! And for all you fashion divas out there, it’s also the perfect time to flaunt your style and optimize on the several opportunities you’ll have to get decked out…en vogue, of course.

So while you’re caught up in the excitement of getting ready to get all glitzed and dolled up, we thought why not let us help you out by reminding you of things you absolutely should NOT do…no matter how carried away you may get in the holiday thrills. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time excitement would lead to fashion disaster for even the most level-headed dressers (i.e. celebrity red carpet appearances—need we say more?!). Follow these four rules to make sure you keep it sizzling, while keeping it classy.

Too short

If you are at risk of baring your secret treasures when you bend over, reconsider. The holiday season is a time to keep yourself looking great—the cold doesn’t have to be an excuse to bundle up from head to toe, but there are other ways of showing off your legs or amazing boots than sporting something way too short. You’ll be sure to draw attention this way…but probably not in the way you’d like. Keep it classy. If you’re in the mood for something sexy, make sure it’s at comfortable length where if you were to drop your clutch you wouldn’t be at risk of exposing your jewels.

Too tight

If by some miracle you’ve managed to keep the flab at bay from all the holiday treats and that scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner—hats off to you! And you should be proud of your amazing bod…but in a modest and appropriate way. Wearing something that’s too tight may only end up emphasizing the little bumps and bits of flesh that don’t really exist (or if they do, exist in infinitesimal amounts). Why draw that kind of attention to yourself? Plus, if you’re expected to eat at the gathering or event you’re attending, it’s likely you’ll need a little breathing space for all that delicious food yet to settle in. The last thing we’d want is for you to transform that lithe, amazing bod to one that’s instantly spotting a not so fabulous post-meal bulge (thanks to a skin tight outfit)!

Low cut

Ever seen a woman who’s close to baring it all? It’s pretty distracting…and not in a great way. Yes, you might be out with a group of friends and your man. Sure enough he has a right to enjoy the view, right? But everyone else at the gathering likely doesn’t…so don’t forget about the audience! Save the sexy for when the two of you are alone. And don something that will maybe hint at your amazing décolletage without exposing your prized curves too much. After all, leaving a little to the imagination can go a long way…especially in the way of class and fashion.

Uncomfortable shoes

Ever had a pair of shoes you absolutely adored but could not for the life of you walk in? Yeah…been there, done that.

But remember, if you’re at a holiday party, you’re out to have fun—not to worry about bunions and chaffed heels! Plus, prancing about like a walking hazard or like you have a stick up your tush is no way to enjoy any event.

Opt for something sexy and comfortable that will keep you rocking the dance floor, or at least give you an opportunity to make a grand entrance without the struggle or hassle of shoes that are simply more trouble than they’re worth.

The selections and techniques to look ravishing are limitless. In the end, just remember to focus the purpose of your ensemble around one thing: having a brilliant time wherever you go and whomever you celebrate the holidays with. After all, a great outfit may make for a fantastic picture, but the memories you’ll create will truly be priceless.

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