VEU Spotlight: Author and Film Producer Sheena Herod

Interview by Abner Jackson III


Sheena Herod, a Jill of many trades, reigns from the city of Memphis, TN. She is the author of two compelling novels and the creator of A thrilling theatrically released film. In a short time, she has had the privilege of working with entertainment leaders such as Tyler Perry (Media Mogul) and Grammy award winning artist, Neyo. With a determined heart and driven spirit, Sheena has launched the 501C3 non-profit organization; Broken Silence. Sheena Herod, an advocate for our youth, is embarking on a systematic journey to increase awareness about the devastating effects of child abuse and molestation.


Tell readers about your Broken Silence Organization and how did you come up with idea to start it?

Broken Silence is a nonprofit organization that brings awareness to sexual child abuse. I started the organization after I filmed my first documentary called What We Hate to Remember. The filmed was based off the awareness that boys are victim as well as girls.

Tell us about two books you written and where they can purchase them at?

The two books I have written are both tied into my nonprofit. The first book was based off my documentary A Boys Silent Cry. It’s a story about a football player that’s getting ready to get married but hasn’t told his finance about his uncle moving in the house after his dad died and was sexual abusing him for years. He went through the changes having people he trusted misuse him, always being sexual abuse as a kid he has fought with his sexuality.

Good Touch Bad Touch is a parenting guide on how to protect your children from sexual abuse as well as educating the child and yourself on what is sexual abuse, who can be sexual abusers and the signs to look for if your child has been sexually abused. The self- help book will also include stories from survivors of sexual child abuse. Different articles of sexual abuse caught in the media of known celebrities and teachers that has been accused.

Do you plan on writing anymore books in the future?

I am merging the awareness of sexual abuse into my films. I am using my films to get the message out there more with my new documentary and a new film from my first book A Boys Silent Cry

Tell readers about your Tapoo Productions Company and are they currently working on any projects now?

Tapoo Productions is my film company. We produced several shows, documentaries, movies. I have a new movie releasing next year called The Killing Secret. It’s a great drama and suspense film. It will have you on the edge of your seats wondering what’s going to happen next. Also my new dance reality show called Tha Dance Basement with Actor/author /choreographer Darrin Henson. It’s like the real World mixed with so you think you can dance urban style.

If you weren’t  writing, or producing what would you be doing ?

If I wasn’t filming or writing I would be a fitness instructor or owning a gym. Fitness and health is very important me. I would also like to start a program to feed the homeless. I always wanted to do more to help people that are not as fortunately as the rest of us.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Where I see myself in five years is making a huge impact in the community. I want to be a household name for producing some of the biggest movies in Hollywood. I see myself doing things bigger than just making films like; building homes for the homeless and film schools to teach young kids the fundamental of the film industry . Let them showcase their talents through acting and film.

How can readers keep in contact with you through social networks?
Facebook: Sheena Herod

IG; @iamsheshe , @tapooproductions


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