Stone Mountain Georgia Will Add MLK Tribute


Stone Mountain in Georgia was once known as a site that hosted KKK cross burnings, and even to this day remains the home of confederate tributes. In addition to these Confederate tributes, which received much debate from the NAACP this past summer, there will also be a tower added in honor of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The tower is stated to feature a replica of the Liberty Bell and give literal representation to a line of Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream Speech.” According to The Stone Mountain Association, the authority in charge of maintaining the mountain and surrounding Stone Mountain Park, they said in a recent statement that “The King Monument Bell” will facilitate a more complete telling of the mountains history and an expansion of the park’s educational offerings.”

They also stated that in addition to the tower, there will also be a permanent museum exhibit to recognize the contributions of African American soldiers in both the Union and Confederate¬†armies. No formal action has been taken on this proposal, but Bill Stephens, ¬†the Stone Mountain Association CEO, stated that the King tribute is ” a great addition to the historical offerings we have here.”


Stone Mountain is located within a predominately African American community just outside of Atlanta, and is a popular gathering spot for both residents and visitors alike. The park receives more than 4 million visitors a year, which makes it one of Georgia’s most popular tourist locations. There has recently been much controversy over the removal of the Confederate history from the park. Back in July of this year, the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP fought for the removal of all traces of Confederate symbols from Stone Mountain Park, which includes various family entertainment attractions. A state representative also called for a boycott over the Confererate symbols.

What at are your thoughts and views on this issue?

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